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Manufacturer of Hemp Derived Delta 9 Edibles and Drinks

Outworld Botanicals specializes in the remediation of hemp oil and the manufacturing of hemp derived Delta 9 products, which are Federally legal wherever hemp products are allowed to be bought and sold.  All our hemp derived Delta 9 products are <0.3% Delta 9 THC w/v.  Our products are safe and  very effective.  This site is designed as a resource for end users, retailers and distributors. We do not sell retail on this site, wholesale only.  Retailers and distributors who are interested in carrying our products or our remediation services are asked to fill out the wholesale application form by clicking on the Wholesale Application link above or the Apply Today button below.  We will get in contact with you once your application has been received. 

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Crazy Sauce is a single dose tasty drink  that contains 40mg of hemp derived delta 9 THC along with other cannabinoids that give the user 4 hours of a sativa like up, followed by 4 hours of an indica like down.  It is equivalent to taking 4 of our hemp derived gummies, but is still < 0.3% THC making it Federally compliant.

Our Gummy Squares  contain 10mg of hemp derived Delta 9 THC, but are still < 0.3% THC which makes them Federally legal.  The effects of the gummies will be felt in less than 30 minutes and last 4 hours.  10mg THC makes the dosing very adjustable to fit your needs.  Need a bigger effect? Then give our Crazy Sauce a try.  4 of our gummies = 1 Crazy Sauce.

This is the best cookie on the face of the planet.  What is better than white chocolate and cranberries?  How about 25mg of hemp derived delta 9 THC?  That's right, this HIGH quality cookie features a great taste along with a potent punch with the addition of 25mg of locally grown hemp extracted for Delta 9 THC.  It is a sure winner!  Still Federally compliant.

Fantastic cola taste with the addition of 15mg hemp derived delta 9 and caffeine.  The perfect combination. Sold in cases only.  24 bottles per case.