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About Us

Outworld Botanicals is located in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  It was started in 2018 as a hemp oil remediation company specializing in the removal of Delta 9 THC to create high quality broad spectrum oils.  Our company expanded into manufacturing hemp derived Delta 9 THC products that still remain Federally compliant and can be bought and sold in any state that allows hemp products that contain <0.3% Delta 9 THC.

Our team consists of chemists, engineers, healthcare providers and farmers with decades worth of experience in their respective fields.  The combination of this knowledge allows us to create the safest and most effective products and services in the hemp marketplace.

We are completely vertically‚Äč integrated, which means we own our own hemp fields.  We start with high quality clones and/or seeds and grow our own strain specific of hemp to full maturity.  We then extract the oils from the hemp.  These oils are used in every product we manufacture. This gives us complete quality control of the ingredients that go into our products.

We utilize Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC) equipment to separate the various cannabinoids found in hemp oil. Our CPC equipment is custom built in-house by our highly trained and qualified engineers.

Crazy Sauce is a single dose tasty drink  that contains 40mg of hemp derived delta 9 THC along with other cannabinoids that give the user 4 hours of a sativa like up, followed by 4 hours of an indica like down.  It is equivalent to taking 4 of our hemp derived gummies, but is still < 0.3% THC making it Federally compliant.

Our Gummy Squares  contain 10mg of hemp derived Delta 9 THC, but are still < 0.3% THC which makes them Federally legal.  The effects of the gummies will be felt in less than 30 minutes and last 4 hours.  10mg THC makes the dosing very adjustable to fit your needs.  Need a bigger effect? Then give our Crazy Sauce a try.  4 of our gummies = 1 Crazy Sauce.