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Hemp derived Delta 9 gelatin gummy squares.  Our Delta 9 is 100% derived from hemp that we grow ourselves.  We extract the Delta 9 THC utilizing our proprietary Centrifugal Partition Chromatography equipment.  We then combine this with other hemp derived cannabinoids to deliver amazing effects.  Take 1 to 2 gummies as needed. Taking this product may lead to a failed drug test.  Avoid driving or operating heavy machinery while taking this product.

Sold in 1oz jar that holds 10 gummies.  MOQ is 10 jars.  Currently available in orange flavor only.

NOTICE:  The gummy squares are made using gelatin and will melt at temperatures over 85f.  If you believe that the product may melt during shipping then we suggest you add chill packs to your order.  This is usually only needed during the summer months.  The chill packs should keep everything at a cooler temperature and keep the gummies from melting.  If you choose NOT to add the chill packs and the product ends up melting, Outworld Botanicals WILL NOT cover your loses.  IF PURCHASING MULTIPLE PRODUCTS YOU ONLY NEED TO ADD ONE (1) CHILL PACK TO YOUR ORDER.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO ADD A CHILL PACK TO EACH PRODUCT ORDERED, ONLY 1 OF THE PRODUCTS IN YOUR CART NEEDS TO HAVE CHILL PACK ADDED.

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